Spear International


Spear International was established in 2003.

Spear International is a leading Egyptian company specialized in property management and food complexes.

Spear International has more than 250 experienced, creative, talented and dedicated team members.

Spear International is distinguished for its professionalism and credibility in the Egyptian market.


Spear International always tends to provide its guests and customers with the leisure lifestyle and to have its own and unique culture.

Spear International manages and offers all services in-house to maintain the perfect quality for its guests.

Spear International had successfully established many successful projects such as:

-Marina Bay; the first food complex on the North Coast, it had 8 local restaurants and cafés and was visited by 10,000 guests daily.

-La Femme Beach; the first private beach for ladies at day time & turns into a food complex by night, it had 5 local restaurants and cafés and was visited by 15,000 guests daily

- Tivoli Dome - Heliopolis; the largest food court in the world in 2010. It consists of 15 international restaurants and cafés and is visited by 7000 guests daily

- Tivoli Dome - Zayed; it will be launched in October 2012. It will consist of 15 restaurants and cafés.

- Tivoli Dome - Marina; opened in June 2012. It consists of 13 restaurants and cafés.